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Blogger is blocked at work (the only time I have internet connection) and at the only internet cafe in town, but livejournal isn't. I wonder why that is. Anyway, I'm kinda, sorta online, and actually may very well be connected to the internet properly (as in; at home) on Tuesday of next week.

Watashi wa ureshii desu yo!

This means I will be able to view pages I haven't had access to in over a year, UPDATE my site, maybe even write in blogger and mention the existence of this place.

On the subject of updating... I'd apologise, but hell, I've had more computer problems since November than I can count and except for a brief period at Christmas (when I was back home in England) it's been a hit and miss affair all around. I made the mistake of linking my poor little laptop to the school's (yes, I still teach English in Japan. Go me) network, and it promptly crashed. It took three damn months to get it fixed. Not because it was a big problem but because I'm in Japan and the computer is English OS, so could anyone figure out what to do? Of course not.

Anyway, due to my lack of updating I've had Kahlann Nightwing withdraw her fic submission - which is fair enough. It's been over a year and I've done nothing about it except code it up and try to get consistent enough 'net access to upload more than one fic in an hour. That doesn't mean to say that I'm not disappointed, but it's her call and I know I can still read the fic on her site (good site, btw, if I could just access it at work...) When I first read her email I was a bit... surprised at the wording. It sounded... angry and abrupt and a bit rude. I'm sure I'm reading too much into it and I know how hard it can be to come across exactly as you mean to over the internet. Anyway I'm feeling overly sensitive this morning due to a spate of freaky, disturbing dreams. Nice way to spend the night. I'm probably the heaviest sleeper in the world, but it's not the restful sleep other people seem to have - as a friend of mine has pointed out. I'm always muttering, sitting up randomly and staring at people (while still asleep mind you), waking up suddenly in panic attacks... except for sleep-walking and night-terrors I think I've had it all at some point. Which is odd, because by nature I'm not that nervous or anxious, although I do worry about things. Obsessive nature... oh well. I'll live.

Y'know, I never realised what a diversity of sites I used to visit on a regular basis, and which are now blocked to me. Primarily it's the fanfic sites (under Entertainment; Extreme) and I know that's because a little, interfering sod who has now left the school used to shadow me around the internet and then block every site I'd been to. And I mean _every_ site. I'm so glad I didn't visit some of them when he was around or else I'd be blocked from everything. Withdrawal symptoms had me reading more books than I have in a while.

But soon I will be online! So all interference will go out the window and I will spend massive amounts of money on internet bills and slowly starve to death. I want ADSL, but I'm getting dial-up. Slow, expensive and limited. But better than nothing.

Me, signing off for the first time ever. Hopefully to sign on again soon.
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