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I've had internet since Friday (24th Sept) and have I managed to get any of my beautifully prepared updates up? No. Because, although I have internet I do not have time. Methinks I might have added too much to my schedule. As an example of my typical week;

Monday; Iaidou
Tuesday; Teach Aoi and Shiori (every other week), then go to an International Association Meeting (the same every other week)
Wednesday; Japanese Calligraphy
Thursday; Japanese lesson
Friday; Hopefully free, but if not then either - a party, walking with a friend, studying with a friend, meeting a JP friend... the list goes on.

This is all after school, please note. And this weekend just gone I was on a little island in the north of my prefecture at a party. Nada internet access, naturally, but copious amounts of food and beer and lots a karaoke on the machine in one of the little sleeping huts. There were supposed to be 30-odd of us but a whole bunch of people chickened out at the hint of rain, or just couldn't be bothered, so it ended up being only 15 or so people. We did, however, have a great time. Especially when all the girls went swimming in the sea and then quickly fled in the belief that one of the rocks was moving towards us in the cliched way of all monsters. It was highly amusing.

But, regarding updates; I have (hopefully) this weekend free! Yay! So I should be able to get things uploaded either Saturday or Sunday depending on how quickly I get my laundry done. RL is always getting in the way of my online life. It should know better!

Despite RL I am happy! Unlike yesterday when I was fuming with a certain intermediary sometimes referred to as my supervisor (although she's not) who decided to try and dump the teaching of our shared Friday classes entirely on my shoulders because she has a business trip. All very well, but contractually I shouldn't do that. Actually, contractually I am forbidden from doing that and my schools are forbidden from making me. Not only that but this is ichi-nensei! At my visiting school - the place all the Junior Highs send their "difficult" students. First years there are notorious for being uncontrollable - they actually split the classes in half to try and help with discipline. This is the school where the students have no respect for the Japanese teachers, let alone the gaijin. Obviously I very politely pointed this out to her. And she did her usual trick of subtle disbelief about both the contract and my belief that the students would be even less controllable with only one teacher in the room. Especially if that teacher has only limited grasp of Japanese. I hate it when she implies that I'm lying. Really hate it.

NaturallyI took out my frustrations with my sword in Iaidou - and I have discovered that "seeing" someone in front of me helps me place my sword better. Especially when it's someone I'm angry with. But today I'm at my base school, with the nice teachers who give me warning when they're not going to be in school and cancel their lessons with me so I don't have to explain to them that I can't teach on my own. Yay!

On the other hand I'm teaching this evening and then I have the International Association meeting which is usually quite draining since the onus is always on myself and my friend to carry the conversation. However, it can be very interesting and provides us with all sorts of insights into Japanese culture and beliefs.

So; Ganbarimasu!

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