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Y’know, I got to thinking last night, while the remnants of a typhoon were raging outside my door. I was wondering how someone generally quite stable and mentally healthy can still have a great deal of things they hate about themselves. When you think of it a applied to other people, for instance, your friends, it seems… very strange. Then I applied it to me. I realised, as people sometimes do in the wee hours after drinking far too much tea, that maybe it really is a human trait to be overly self-critical. If it is… then I certainly share that trait. If it isn’t… then perhaps I’m a bit weird in a way that I didn’t think I was weird before.

Anyway, I came up with a long list of hates. Then I tried likes. The lists are interesting.

the hates )

I think that’s enough.

Now for the likes;

the likes )

It’s weird. I like things about myself that I also hate. Or at least dislike. Or something…

Anyway, day at work was alright. I had one teacher forget about the schedule change and so I had to go retrieve her from the staff-room. But that was OK – it was an honest mistake and the students didn’t suffer too badly for it. (Actually, I’ve traumatised them and they’ll never recover, but shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!) Plus I taught my favourite class ever. 1-6 is great, really outgoing, well motivated and capable. Plus they’re friendly and hard-working without being super-silent. I always leave that class on a high.

Going walking with A. again today – we managed to finish just before the skies opened up yesterday, but I had an extra ten minutes walk back to my place so I still got soaked. However, it’s sunny at the moment (just ignore the ominous rain-clouds hanging over the mountains, they’re an illusion) so hopefully I won’t get wet.

After the pathetic attempt at exercise I have a Japanese lesson – I still haven’t got the kanji down very well, so I’ll probably use the hour I have in between walking and lesson to swot a bit while gulping down dinner.

I really need to practise better time management. ;-P

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