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Why does she keep doing this to me? I don't mind making the bloody worksheets, I don't mind e-mailing them to her, I don't mind being the one leading the English classes, but how the hell does she managed to get me to do all this while implying that I'm lazy, incompetent and a liar? I hate it, I hate it, I HATE it. And I have to be polite because she's my supervisor at my visiting school and has already proven that she can make my life difficult when she wants to.

Plus she's lied so many times to my face it's untrue.

"You've been absent for 20% of lessons. Please try to improve your attendance record."

I calculated it, and it's 15% at the most. She's calculated it on the basis that the half-days I've been doing don't count at all. So I get sick and leave in the afternoon. So I miss one class in two months. ONE CLASS! And I took a week off in October to go and see a friend. The exam week. When there were no classes to miss. It really gets my goat. She's even taken exception when I go to a mandatory conference. She said, and I quote;

"Well, it's a pity you're going to be absent from work again."

That's not being absent from work! That's going to work in a different venue and performing work-related duties that do not include, but are relevant to, teaching. It's not as though I skived off for the day. I'm just thankful that my supervisor at my base school is brilliant and friendly and helpful. He's also aware of the problems I have in the visit school. It's the two days a week there that I dread, but I have three at my main school and they bolster me up for the hell of the other. It's not even always the students - although some of them have a chip on their shoulders about the size of Buckingham Palace - it's the teachers. Visit School is the place they send all the low-level students and the "about to retire so don't give a damn" teachers. It's soul-destroying. Fortunately my base school is the opposite - high academic, mainly motivated students (this doesn't translate as outgoing, not in Japan) and some really brilliant teachers.

Now I've vented I'm actually feeling a bit better about things. Even though the latest issue is simply that she hasn't received the worksheets I e-mailed to her, and then she had the temerity to ring me and the conversation went as follows (this is after the second time I'd sent them to her);
Her; "You probably haven't sent them yet, but I'd really like to get them before this evening"
Me; "I've sent them to you twice"
Her; "Really? Well that's strange, because I haven't had anything from you not even a message."
Me; "I'll send them again. Maybe they'll get through this time. I'll also print out paper copies and bring them to school with me."
Her; "That would be great. I think it would be best if you also faxed them to me just in case anything needs changing."

Please take note of the "Really?" She says it with just the right lilt to make it sound like "I don't believe you and I know you're lying but I'm being polite and not going to accuse you outright." She's good at that.

Anyway. Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I feel better now.

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