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Yay! In the light of Strikethrough 2007 and Boldout 2007 I've been thinking of alternative places to be should LJ's lack of ethics prove detrimental to my fandom viewing. I've come across various discussions and been directed (through other people's vastly superior skills) to Semagic.This is the second simultaneous post to both my IJ and LJ accounts (I hope!).

I've also LJ_Archived and LJ_Sec'd my LJ so perhaps things from my end are not as dire as I thought they might be. This is a good thing.


Aug. 12th, 2007 12:32 am
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Testing, testing 1 2 3
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My record for updates is abysmal. I’m ashamed of myself, especially since I made a resolution to update at least once a week. I don’t seem to be doing very well.

Going’s on in Saru-ville )

Enough of mundanity, on to the fun stuff!

More of my brother’s journey )

Friday, Saturday and Sunday to come. Probably next week.

Am off to a conference in Yokohama where much boredom will ensue but also much shopping and sightseeing. So Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are all non-internet days. I’ll be getting my brother’s birthday present while I’m there and see about adding some more filling to a certain box that has been sitting waiting to be posted for over three months now. It’s just so big and spacious a box and it really needs to be filled just a tiny bit more…
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I’ve been a moron and haven’t updated in a long, long while. I could come up with a number of excuses but none of them stand up under close scrutiny. Oh they’re all valid, but that doesn’t mean anything. I might have been busy but I could have made some time to jot a few things down in my livejournal, or even my blog. Just little things about my life and what I’ve been up to recently. Instead I left it until the memories are grey and distant, slightly blurred around the edges like badly developed photographs, or the world without my glasses.

I’ve decided that before it’s far too late to remember things in any detail, I’ll be writing about them here and now.

An update, then, on what I’ve been doing since before Christmas.

Ancient adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun )
And I’ll continue with day three, four, five and six tomorrow because this is getting longer and longer. Plus I’m tired.


Nov. 18th, 2004 08:07 pm
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Colds are evil.

No. They are more than evil. They are diabolical.

On the Evils of Colds )

On a lighter note – d'ya like my new icon? I like my new icon. It's better than the old one. Probably because I now have Photoshop. Were it not for the cold I would be positively, evilly gleeful. As it is, I'm only positively gleeful. Evil requires too much energy.
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Yesterday there were no lessons because of the typhoon. Today there are no lessons because of the flooding. Yet the teachers still have to come in to school, so long as the roads aren’t closed. Half the teachers live over on the other side of the mountains, in Mai. or Miy. towns. That was the area hardest hit. They are so not going to make it in today. Amongst them are the Principal, Vice-Principal and Syllabus Co-ordinator. Those are the three most important people for re-organising things. No one else can do anything about anything. So they’re all milling around discussing how terrible it is, or surfing the internet or reading a book. Does this make sense to anyone?

Well, it’s been about three weeks since I updated this, which is ridiculous, but I really have been busy.

First there was the studying. )

Then there was the writing. )

Next there was the costume. )

After came the the Festival. )

Followed by the broken bath. )

And the other Festival, followed by the party. )

The broken glasses. )

The typhoon. The flooding. )

And now I’m not busy, but is there anything I can possibly do that’s constructive or creative or anything? No. Because all my files are on my nice new shiny yummy computer at home and I am stuck at school. Doing nada. Yay! I like being bored. Really.

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Y’know, I got to thinking last night, while the remnants of a typhoon were raging outside my door. I was wondering how someone generally quite stable and mentally healthy can still have a great deal of things they hate about themselves. When you think of it a applied to other people, for instance, your friends, it seems… very strange. Then I applied it to me. I realised, as people sometimes do in the wee hours after drinking far too much tea, that maybe it really is a human trait to be overly self-critical. If it is… then I certainly share that trait. If it isn’t… then perhaps I’m a bit weird in a way that I didn’t think I was weird before.

Anyway, I came up with a long list of hates. Then I tried likes. The lists are interesting.

the hates )

I think that’s enough.

Now for the likes;

the likes )

It’s weird. I like things about myself that I also hate. Or at least dislike. Or something…

Anyway, day at work was alright. I had one teacher forget about the schedule change and so I had to go retrieve her from the staff-room. But that was OK – it was an honest mistake and the students didn’t suffer too badly for it. (Actually, I’ve traumatised them and they’ll never recover, but shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!) Plus I taught my favourite class ever. 1-6 is great, really outgoing, well motivated and capable. Plus they’re friendly and hard-working without being super-silent. I always leave that class on a high.

Going walking with A. again today – we managed to finish just before the skies opened up yesterday, but I had an extra ten minutes walk back to my place so I still got soaked. However, it’s sunny at the moment (just ignore the ominous rain-clouds hanging over the mountains, they’re an illusion) so hopefully I won’t get wet.

After the pathetic attempt at exercise I have a Japanese lesson – I still haven’t got the kanji down very well, so I’ll probably use the hour I have in between walking and lesson to swot a bit while gulping down dinner.

I really need to practise better time management. ;-P
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Start of boring details.

Stuff, stuff, stuff )

End boring details.

On the worrisome side, the constriction in my chest has not faded and I'm still finding it difficult to take a full breath without fighting for it. May go to see a doctor (with supervisor in tow) if it doesn't let up soon.
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I've had internet since Friday (24th Sept) and have I managed to get any of my beautifully prepared updates up? No. Because, although I have internet I do not have time. Methinks I might have added too much to my schedule. As an example of my typical week;

Schedule & Rant )
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Why does she keep doing this to me? I don't mind making the bloody worksheets, I don't mind e-mailing them to her, I don't mind being the one leading the English classes, but how the hell does she managed to get me to do all this while implying that I'm lazy, incompetent and a liar? I hate it, I hate it, I HATE it. And I have to be polite because she's my supervisor at my visiting school and has already proven that she can make my life difficult when she wants to.

Plus she's lied so many times to my face it's untrue.

Ranting )

I feel better now.
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Blogger is blocked at work (the only time I have internet connection) and at the only internet cafe in town, but livejournal isn't. I wonder why that is. Anyway, I'm kinda, sorta online, and actually may very well be connected to the internet properly (as in; at home) on Tuesday of next week.

Watashi wa ureshii desu yo!

This means I will be able to view pages I haven't had access to in over a year, UPDATE my site, maybe even write in blogger and mention the existence of this place.

Computer Problems )
Me, signing off for the first time ever. Hopefully to sign on again soon.
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