Oct. 21st, 2004

littlesaru: (I care?)
Yesterday there were no lessons because of the typhoon. Today there are no lessons because of the flooding. Yet the teachers still have to come in to school, so long as the roads aren’t closed. Half the teachers live over on the other side of the mountains, in Mai. or Miy. towns. That was the area hardest hit. They are so not going to make it in today. Amongst them are the Principal, Vice-Principal and Syllabus Co-ordinator. Those are the three most important people for re-organising things. No one else can do anything about anything. So they’re all milling around discussing how terrible it is, or surfing the internet or reading a book. Does this make sense to anyone?

Well, it’s been about three weeks since I updated this, which is ridiculous, but I really have been busy.

First there was the studying. )

Then there was the writing. )

Next there was the costume. )

After came the the Festival. )

Followed by the broken bath. )

And the other Festival, followed by the party. )

The broken glasses. )

The typhoon. The flooding. )

And now I’m not busy, but is there anything I can possibly do that’s constructive or creative or anything? No. Because all my files are on my nice new shiny yummy computer at home and I am stuck at school. Doing nada. Yay! I like being bored. Really.


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